Customize your retreat

Since we try our best to make your retreat as personal as we can, we offer the best options for you to create your own little selection of happiness. Choose, pick, swap, trade and let us know!

'Me time starts now'

Inner work, balance & meditation

Personal training + Body balance

Groups, couples, friends, me-time alone

Health & nutrition

Weightloss bootcamp

Grattitude homework and coaching

For the mama's-to-be, brand new mama's, business


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Retreat gallery Europe

Berlin, Germany

Me-time retreat

Meditation, Personal training and body balance.

       Zislow, Germany

Autumn retreat:

Mama-me-time, Meditation, body balance, personal training and nutrition, grattitude homework.

Mykonos, Greece

Private retreat:

Mindfullness, meditation.

Sardinia, Italy

Summer retreat:

Friends, Personal training, weight loss, detox