Just a little extra for every Sweatbox warrior: After having survived every training, class or bootcamp you receive your own sweatbox discount card, because, it's very well deserved!

What's better than eating deliciously healthy with a discount? We got you.

 You have discount at:

30% off everything!

We love variating cuisines, especially when it comes to newcomers. Brazilian newcomer Casa tapioca is famous for it's gluten free bread replacer: the tapioca. Try all kinds, sweet, savoury or plain now with your discount card!

30% off smoothies
20% off food

Frankies feels like stepping straight into a lunchroom in Ibiza. With it's Ibiza music, quick&easy seating, always friendly staff and most important: fresh and healthy food, you are at the right place for your daily fuel.

10% off

Who says Milan, says juicebar. With it's most central location, unwinding outside lounge and easy take away products Juicebar is your refuel pitstop.

15% off everything

Not that we have any preference or anything, but Flavors milan is definitely, absolutely, OBVIOUSLY our favourite reload station! After a day shopping around town I love to recharge at Flavors,  always providing me all organic products, delicious healthy meals with superfoods, served with a smile by the owner and if that is not enough, it's dope sneaker store  One Block Down is connected to the restaurant, in case you you haven't shopped enough already. Double treat-yo-self!

10% everything

Now that's what I like! Combining healthy food, girlpower and workout in one, Bul milano's female kitchen creates beautiful boxes of your daily all-in-one. From pre- and post- workout bowls, to hangover cures and  healthy desserts. So swing by (their seats are literally swings!) and fuel up!

20% off everything

We need that little cheat every now and then. Don't feel guilty over the 'waste of eating clean and working out all week' after being a burger, double fries and a milkshake deep in your binge. My tip? Cheat healthy instead! Your cravings will still be met and your efforts haven't gone to waste. Nabi Natura hooks you up with all kinds of goodies in their own organic style.

Work for your fuel, and get discount while you're at it.