Work out with professional yet intimate guidance. In a comfortable environment you will crush your goals effectively and become the best version of yourself, on your terms.

Check out our packages.


€60,- per training

Personal training

with Mazarine

Challenge each other to get the most out of your potential, together with a friend.

The more trainings you book the cheaper the package!


€40,- per training p.p.

Duo training

3 big meals, 2-3 snacks per day, personally planned according to your goals, training and work schedule and allergies. Includes a grocery list, tips & tools, recipes and more for 1 week. Get in shape without restrictions, but with tasty meals.


€50,- per mealplan

Meal planning


Slow down the time, inhale exhale...
Allow yourself some me-time, alone or with friends and unwind fully during your selfcare retreat

Healthy body healthy mind

Our base stems from being fit: not only physically, but also mentally. We become what we consume on a daily basis. This means the food and the amount of exercise you get in, but also the way you care for yourself and the way you think.

Train like a model

Hear and read all about our story, how we started and find out about our signature side project that has quite an unusual niche..